Employee Management


Employees are able to store their details, manage expense reports and access payslips using self-service.

Empower your employees to keep on top of their data.
This saves time for both the employer and the employee.

Up-to-date information in one place

Employee Details
Tax Code Updates
Bank Detail Changes
Address Updates

Access to Payslips

With mywage, employees always know about their pay.

Employees can easily access their monthly payslips online and can download or print them.

Payroll Runs

Net Pay Processing

Automatically process timesheets/gross pay into net pay.

Make any changes (bonus, expenses) and get an understanding of overall pay, year-to-date totals and annual leave entitlement.

Remain accurate and compliant

Single solution saves time and eliminates errors.

Get a guided checklist and a variance of elements to flag any risk of errors.

RTI Submissions

mywage handles your RTI submissions (FPS and EPS) as once your payroll has been run.

We will automatically perform the calculations and we will do the submissions on your behalf.

Reports & Dashboards

Pay Summary Reporting

mywage will generate a BACS file for you to process into your bank after every payroll run.

mywage will also generate a pension file ready for you to upload with your provider (we can also submit your employer pension contributions automatically).

Reports & Dashboards

All your reports will be stored in one centralised place.

Build custom reports with all your data - PAYE report, Real-time net pay report, Pension costs, Payroll forecasting.

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